Managed Network Services

3 Components to supporting an optimally running network

Your time is precious, and you have more pressing issues to deal with than your computer network. However, your computer network is the electronic foundation of your practice. A network needs careful planning and attentive maintenance to ensure that it runs reliably, optimally, and securely.

But, what types of things have to happen to make a network run reliably, optimally and securely? At Environmental Intelligence, we have developed an easy to understand plan for administering your network in this manner.

Performance and Availability Monitoring

With 24×7 Availability Monitoring we know when a critical device has lost connectivity, thus affecting your business. But, we have added Performance monitoring as well. This allows us to view the performance metrics of your infrastructure over time, including CPU utilization, memory utilization, disk usage, network utilization and others. These metrics give Environmental Intelligence the ability to understand when gear is ready to fail, before it happens, further shortening the amount of downtime your business experiences.

Preventative Maintenance

The second portion of our network services is Preventative Maintenance. We perform routine tasks to keep your network running at an optimum level on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. These items include, applying patches, updating firmware, wiping down machines from dust, managing cables in the server room, running management scripts and more. No more guessing if something is “included in maintenance” – These items performed ARE the maintenance your network needs to run optimally.

24×7 Support

At Environmental Intelligence, we take your request for support seriously. This is why we have taken the time to define what “support” means for your organization. When issues occur in your network and your staff needs help, we will be there to tackle any issues that are within the existing network. If there are additions that need to be made to your network, such as a new PC, new software, or a piece of networking gear, we will create an infrastructure addition project.

Projects and Infrastructure Additions

With our network services, Environmental Intelligence strives to keep your network in an optimally running condition. We have processes in place that any addition to the network must go through in order to maintain the networks integrity. Because of the multiple actions we must go through, additions are not considered a support item. But fear not! When we create an infrastructure addition ticket, we hold ourselves to our regular high standard of service.