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Posted on by Frank J. Rosello

In this article: 5 ways to avoid harming patients with health IT, the contributor does an effective job of offering five ways poor healthcare IT implementation could harm patients.

One of the opinions expressed in this article is: healthcare IT is a critical component of improving what ails today’s American healthcare system – but it isn’t an instant cure. “We can’t assume IT will fix a bad clinical workflow or process,” Whittington says. “Unless you fix that first, you won’t win.”

At Environmental Intelligence, we have recognized this truth from day one. It is amazing how often we have experienced this perception that technology offers an automatic fix to clinical workflow or process issues – or as we like to put it opportunities. Bad clinical workflow and processes that exist prior to implementing new technologies like EHR, will pose significant challenges that may negatively impact many areas of a practice including clinicians and staff morale, not realizing maximum ROI for their IT investment, and most importantly the patient experience.

Our EHR Rollout Process effectively mitigates the risk of bringing harm to a practice and their patients resulting from new technology implementation. We accomplish this through reviewing workflow and processes first in order maximize the opportunity for increased operational efficiency resulting in ROI and a better patient experience.

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As the trend continues to increase with medical organizations implementing an EHR system for the first time or upgrading their existing EHR platform, organizations that seize the opportunity to fix clinical workflow and processes as a key action step of the technology implementation process WILL WIN!

Frank J. Rosello

is CEO & Co-Founder of Environmental Intelligence LLC.

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