ONC To Launch Privacy And Security Training Video Game

Posted on by Frank J. Rosello

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology and the Health Resources and Services Administration at HHS have produced a video game for training healthcare professionals and staff about their privacy and security responsibilities.

The game will be accessible free of charge online on Wednesday, September 12th at the ONC website, said Laura Rosas, privacy and security professional in the ONC’s Office of the Chief Privacy Officer.

“What we really tried to address is the baseline of security, geared for practices that have not used health information technology before,” Rosas said during a demonstration of game as part of the National Health IT Week activities under way in Washington.

In one vignette, a cartoon physician explains that he entered an exam room to have an encounter with a patient and saw that a nurse had left a laptop on in the room, exposing one patient’s medical record to the next patient. The physician asks what he should do. Game players choose from four possible answers. Correct answers are recorded by the game and a player’s score is kept in a running total.

“These are very real-world dilemmas and questions that people have,” Rosas said. “We would absolutely encourage using this for new employee orientation” as well as a component in an ongoing privacy and security training program, she said.

Article written by Joseph Conn with Modern Healthcare.com

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