PHI Data Breaches – Can They Be Avoided?

Posted on by Frank J. Rosello

“As more doctors and hospitals go digital with medical records, the size and frequency of data breaches are alarming privacy advocates and public health officials.”

This quote can be found in the first paragraph of this article:As patients’ records go digital, theft and hacking problems grow.

Unfortunately, this article features the continued trend of inadequate data security challenging the health care industry and the negative impact these occurrences are having to patients. Not to mention the financial penalties and reputational damage medical organizations face as a result of reportable PHI data security breaches.

Here is another excerpt from the article link above that we found to be very interesting and compelling:

“Many financial companies have used encryption for years and they probably wonder what the heck is going on with the health care industry,” McGraw said. “It’s much cheaper to deploy safeguards than to suffer a breach.”

While it may not be popular these days to use the banking industry as a good example, data security compliance is definitely one area the industry has got right. Think about it……

At Environmental Intelligence, we understand what is required and necessary to mitigate the risks of PHI data breaches.  Our team of expert Health IT consultants, technicians and engineers along with the financial services compliance expertise of our executive management team, has established a proven track record of deploying effective internal processes and routines designed to proactively mitigate enterprise-wide data security risks within public and private medical organizations of all sizes.

Our Managed Network Services, part of our Complete Health IT Solutions suite of services,  includes 24/7 Protected Health Information (PHI) Access and Security Monitoring.  Combined with our HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules Compliance Consulting and Enterprise Network Security Architecture Consulting and Installation, our clients realize high levels of HIPAA data security compliance and confidence that comes with our partnership and expertise.

Can PHI data breaches be avoided and data security threats effectively mitigated?


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Frank J. Rosello

is CEO & Co-Founder of Environmental Intelligence LLC.

Environmental Intelligence, LLC, is a complete, full-service healthcare IT solution provider. With a team having more than 10 years of proven clinical expertise in delivering end-to-end health IT solutions, Environmental Intelligence provides medical practices and facilities onsite expert IT consulting, installation, and implementation that is focused on physicians, their patients, and the quality of their care.

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